Welcome to Zigma Tours’ Exclusive Endemic Bird Tour, a journey into the heart of Sri Lanka’s avian wonders. Immerse yourself in the stunning melodies and vibrant colors of over 500 bird species, including the island’s prized endemic treasures found nowhere else on Earth (34 endemic species + Hanuman Plover). This tour is a paradise for bird enthusiasts and nature aficionados seeking an unparalleled adventure.

A Glimpse into Sri Lanka’s Endemic Avifauna

Sri Lanka Spurfowl
Sri Lanka Spurfowl

Sri Lanka has 34 endemic bird species, making it a hotspot for birding enthusiasts worldwide. Our tour offers you the chance to encounter these rare and beautiful species up close:

  1. Sri Lanka Junglefowl: The national bird of Sri Lanka, known for its striking plumage and vibrant colors. Spotting this iconic bird in its natural habitat is a true delight, probably in a close proximity.
  2. Sri Lanka Spurfowl: Found in the island’s forested zones, this ground-dwelling bird is known for its distinctive markings and secretive behavior. It Is quite challenging to spot naturally, but in our tour we know the best spot to see this bird without missing. 
  3. Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon: With its subtle beauty and unique cooing calls, the Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon is a must-see for birders seeking tranquility amidst nature. Only in the hill country and kind of elusive bird. 
  4. Sri Lanka Green Pigeon: One of the common endemic birds in well wooded areas in the country. With its elegant looking green plumage, it is a must bird to photograph, especially the male. 
  5. Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot: A small parrot with striking five colors, always you can hear its ‘chirping’ call throughout the forested areas, and it loves sap of fruits.
  6. Sri Lanka Emerald-collared Parakeet/ Layard’s’ Parakeet: The only endemic parakeet to Sri Lanka and well camouflage in the foliage, with its red beak and gray tail feathers it is unmistakable to ID this one. 
  7. Sri Lanka Red-faced Malkoha: A remarkable and iconic bird in Sri Lanka. Elegant looking and canopy dwelling bird with shy behaviors. Always join the mixed species foraging bird flock. 
  8. Sri Lanka Green-billed Coucal: Another rare, a bit large bird only inhabiting bamboo thickets in rainforests. Very cryptic and shy bird, but our professional bird guide can bring you to the exact spot of these birds to get a breathtaking experience. 
  9. Sri Lanka Serendib Scops-owl: An iconic bird in Sri Lanka birding tours as it was newly discovered to the science in 2009. Super hard to spot even in the day roost because of its dry leaf looking colors. We know the best spots of day roosting habitats so nothing to worry about seeing this super rare bird in Sri Lanka, if you embark with us. 
  10. Sri Lanka Chestnut-backed Owlet: Another cryptic and stunning endemic Owlet, usually roost on the canopy level. It is a crepuscular bird and you can detect it with its unique call which often emit during dusk and dawn. 
  11. Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill: The largest among the endemics and common in forested areas both in wet and dry zones of Sri Lanka.
  12. Sri Lanka Yellow-fronted Barbet: Most vocalized endemic bird in Sri lanka, you can hear the call of this bird everywhere near to forested areas in wet zones. You just need to keep an eye on fruiting trees. It loves ripped Papaya in villages. 
  13. Sri Lanka Barbet : Small barbet is very common and you can spot this bird even in urban settings among the large trees such as Fig species. 
  14. Sri Lanka Lesser Flameback/ Red-backed Flameback: We have the most reddish wood packers among South Asia. This one is a widespread large woodpecker in the Southern half of the country.
  15. Sri Lanka Greater Flameback/ Crimson-backed Flameback: A forest dwelling large woodpecker, a bit elusive and shy bird but not that hard to spot in the forest because of the color and the distinctive call.
  16. Sri Lanka Woodshrike: There are few endemic birds that reside in dry zone of Sri Lanka and Woodshrike is one of them. A bit uncommon bird to see in the wet zone.
  17. Sri Lanka Crested Drongo: A one of the two leading and nuclear species of the wet zone mixed species foraging bird flocks. Very elegant bird and you will definitely see this guy in the forest. 
  18. Sri Lanka Blue Magpie: A stunning endemic species with electric blue plumage and a lively demeanor, adding a splash of color to the lush forests. A must-photograph species for any birder visiting Sri Lanka.
  19. Sri Lanka Swallow/ Red-rumped Swallow: The only endemic swallow in Sri Lanka and common in rural setup along the edges of waterways and forested areas. 
  20. Sri Lanka Black-capped Bulbul: Very common in forested areas, the contrasting black head and yellow color of the body of this bird is adding artistic beauty to the greenery of the forest. 
  21. Yellow-eared Bulbul: You can see this bird only in Sri Lanka’s montane forests, this charming bird enchants with its melodious songs and bright yellow ear patches.
  22. Sri Lanka Bush-warbler: Another small bird restricted to forested and mountainous areas of the hill country. Its dark brown plumage helps to hide within the dark spot of the understory bushes easily. This makes most of the birders to miss this bird. But our experienced bird guides know the ecology and behavior so put your trust in them.  
  23. Sri Lanka Brown-capped Babbler: A brown color babbler with beautiful melodious songs. Always skulking on the forest ground looking for invertebrates to feed on. 
  24. Sri Lanka Scimitar-babbler: A babbler with contrasting yellow beak and a unique call which travels a long distance. It’s very charming to hear the territorial call of this bird early in the morning.  
  25. Sri Lanka Orange-billed Babbler: The other prominent leader of the mixed species foraging bird flocks. Quite numerous  with large flocks often having 12- 40 individuals. But only in the forests and well wooded villages bordering forests. 
  26. Sri Lanka Ashy-headed Laughingthrush:  If you hear a sudden laughing sound in a lush rain forest in Sri Lanka. This is the one which makes those laughing noises. A medium size babbler mostly occupying understory and sub canopy levels. 
  27. Sri Lanka White-eye: A small yellowish green bird with front open ‘C’ ring around the eye. Numerous in the hill country visit most of the flowering plants to feed on flower nectar.
  28. Sri Lanka Myna: Another elegant looking bluish black bird always lives in the canopy level in the forest. Very aggressive during the breeding season to protect the nesting site. 
  29. Sri Lanka White-faced Starling: Another rare and hard spot starlin species in Sri Lanka. Threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and lack of proper nesting sites.
  30. Sri Lanka Whistling-thrush: Undoubtedly the rarest bird in Sri Lanka. Very few locations are available for the bird watchers who come to Sri Lanka as tourists. If we follow ethical bird watching (without doing playbacks to attract birds) this one is almost impossible to see. But if you get to the well known locations at the right time with the right people you will win this bird.
  31. Sri Lanka Spot-winged Thrush: A common ground dwelling thrush in rain forest. The spotty pattern on the belly and the wings is remarkable. 
  32. Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush: Another remarkable and elusive thrush inhabiting forested areas with dense vegetation cover. It loves feeding on termites so, look for active termite hills in the forest. 
  33. Sri Lanka Dull-blue Flycatcher: A small flycatcher species only lives in the hill country. It has a very faint whistling song which is not easy to detect.
  34. Sri Lanka White-throated Flowerpecker: Probably the smallest of the endemic birds. With blue, yellow and white colors, it is quite obvious to see this tiny bird in forested areas and well wooded village setup.

**Hanuman Plover: Even Though it’s not absolutely endemic to Sri Lanka, it only resides in Sri Lanka and a small portion of southern most places of India towards the Adam’s bridge.           

Diverse Birding Habitats

Our tour takes you on a journey through diverse habitats, each teeming with avian life:

  • Rainforests: Explore the verdant canopies of Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a haven for endemic birds like the Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush, Red-faced malkoha and Serendib Scops Owl.
  • Wetlands: Visit Bundala National Park, a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, home to migratory birds such as flamingos, waders, and the elusive Black-necked Stork.
  • Highlands: Discover the misty beauty of Horton Plains National Park, where you can spot highland species like the Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush and Sri Lanka Bush Warbler amidst panoramic vistas.

Expert Guidance and Comfortable Accommodations

Clicks of Endemic Bird Tour
Clicks of Endemic Bird Tour

Led by experienced birding guides accompanied with academically qualified bird experts, our tours offer in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka’s avifauna, from identifying species by their calls to understanding their ecological significance. We deliver powerpoint presentations and talks about Birds and bird conservation in Sri Lanka for our clients to enhance their knowledge on birds. 

Further you can Rest and rejuvenate in comfortable accommodations, ensuring a seamless and memorable birding experience.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 7-14 days (depending on your request)
  • Group Size: 2-18
  • Season: Best experienced during August- February
  • Included: Accommodations, meals, transportation, expert guides, park entrance fees, Jeep safaris, and birding excursions.

Embark on Your Birding Odyssey

Join us on our Exclusive Endemic Birds Tour and delve into the enchanting world of Sri Lanka’s endemic birds. From the rarest sightings to the melodious calls echoing through lush forests, every moment promises awe and wonder. 

Check out the tour itinerary and more details here. Contact us today to reserve your spot and embark on a birding odyssey like no other.