Harsha Athukorala
Harsha Athukorala

Harsha is a conservationist who is passionate about wildlife and restoration ecology. He began his career as a naturalist and volunteered for forest conservation projects in Sri Lanka in 1998. 

Harsha graduated from Kent University with a degree in endangered species management and completed a course in wildlife conservation from the Durrell Conservation Academy in 2006. He also completed the Conservation Leadership Program organized by Conservation International.

From 2004 to 2008, Harsha worked as a field scientist and program coordinator for the Eco-Friendly Volunteers Society. He has assisted in one master’s degree research on the ecology of an endemic bird in Sri Lanka, conducted several conservation-oriented research projects on the Spot-billed Pelican, and conducted workshops on waste management.  

Harsha is also a certified bird ringer by the Bombay Natural History Society and participates in the National Bird Ringing Program in Sri Lanka.

Currently, Harsha is working with a consultancy team for environmental impact assessments of development projects in Sri Lanka. He also assists in Ph.D. projects on bird translocation using radio telemetry. 

Harsha is particularly interested in restoration ecology and is continuously developing his skills and knowledge in reforestation and ecosystem management.